What To Wear for Family Photo Session

Finding the perfect outfits for your family photo session can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. My approach to family photos centers on each person in your family being comfortable and feeling their best. Use these tips to put together a timeless and unique wardrobe for your on-location photo session. Need some inspiration? Scroll through my Pinterest board here.

1. Pick a color palate

The best place to start is by narrowing down a color scheme. Take a look at your home. Is it filled with bright colors or neutrals? Do you like contrasting colors or do you prefer colors in the same family? The answers to these questions will be a clue to which direction you should take when choosing a color scheme. Neutrals, pastels and light blues, pinks and greens are great options for an airy, relaxed vibe.

2. Coordinate, don’t match

Take time to look through your closets and take note of colors that each person has in their wardrobe. If you start to see one common color, pull out those clothing items and place them on the floor or your bed. Start putting outfits together, making sure that every outfit compliments the other.This may take several tries and that’s ok! Keep working with it and have fun. I love giving feedback on wardrobe ideas, so please feel free to snap a photo and email it to me!

4. Start prepping early

To pull outfits together, you will probably need to do laundry, drop off a garment to be dry cleaned, break out the iron or even go buy that last accessory to complete your look. Starting early will take out a lot of the stress and set you up for a fun and relaxed photo shoot.

5. What to avoid

There aren’t many rules when dressing for photos, but here are a few things to avoid:

  • Logo t-shirts
  • Athletic shoes
  • Shorts (on adults)
  • Large patterns
  • Shoes that are hard to walk in or clothes that are difficult to sit down in (the goal is to look good and be comfortable!)

6. A Word about props

Although I love simplicity, sometimes a well chosen prop can give the added charm you want for your photos. For younger children, it can also be fun to incorporate a toy or book for them to play with. If you want to add something to your photo session (blanket, toy, chair, balloons, cupcakes, sign, etc), I would love to help you see your vision come to life. A short phone call or email exchange will help make sure that the added elements will compliment the overall look of your photos and give you the photos you will love.