My Top 5 Ways to Display Family Photos


I’ve never been shy about my somewhat old-fashioned idea that photos are made to be printed. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also remind us and our children that we’re loved, valued and have belonging. So if your family photos are just taking up space on your computer or hidden in a USB drive, I've pulled together a few ways I love seeing family photos displayed, and even some I use to enjoy my own family portraits on the daily. Read along and hopefully you will be inspired!

  1. Gallery Walls




In my home I have a simple grid gallery wall that includes my favorite family portraits using these Ikea frames, but I also love this one above from

Pro-tip: When possible, always use quality, fine-art prints like the ones available in your online gallery when putting together a gallery wall. Need help ordering? Email me to re-activate your gallery.

2. Statement Prints

Source:  Say Yes

Source: Say Yes

Sometimes all you need is one favorite image to make a statement in your home. This can be the perfect thing for the end of a hallway, over a couch, on a mantle or in that reading nook you’ve been itching to create (or is that just me??) Low-cost and high-end options abound here — opt for a quality canvas print or try a lower cost engineering print from an office supply store like the image above (and if you do, let me know how it turns out!)

p.s. I generally don’t deliver images in black and white, but I would be happy to edit 3-5 favorite images for you — just ask!

3.Coffee Table Photo Books

photo book.png

Of all the ways we use our photos, these are probably the most used. Our family yearbooks are pulled out almost weekly, when the kids want to see photos of themselves as babies or when we’re trying to figure out what we did for Spring Break two years ago. There are so many great book makers out there, but my go-to resource for photo books is for their affordability and quality.

4. Placemats for Kids



I ordered one of these for both of my boys this Christmas, and I have to say, I was surprised by how much they LOVE them. Personalized with their name and special family memories, I also never have to worry about them fighting over who is using which one. An added bonus: the one we have (pictured above) and other fun designs are on sale at Shutterfly right now (because friends never let friends pay full price).

5. Desktop Calendars




These minimalist calendars are perfect for your recently Kon Mari-ed workspace or kitchen. I love how they display enough information and images without adding too much clutter. And what’s not to love about the wooden clipboard display? Get your own at

Feeling inspired? I’d love to know how you’ve used your family photos. Drop me an email or let’s chat on Instagram or Facebook!

Note: All opinions here are my own. I wasn’t paid to advertise any of these things (but now that I think about it…do you think I could swing that somehow??)

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